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Top 10 Hydrogen Water Bottles Companies in China

Top 10 Hydrogen Water Bottles Companies in China

Hydrogen water is water with hydrogen gas added. Recently, hydrogen water has become a trend due to its health benefits. Hydrogen-rich water can improve muscle recovery after a workout, slow down aging, and boost energy.

Hydrogen water bottles are essential to convert your ordinary water into hydrogen-rich water. This product has a growing market, yet most people don't know the best brands of hydrogen water bottles.

Of course, everyone loves products whose value matches the amount of money we cash out. However, it will help if you consider buying from a well-established company.

Today, I want to enlighten you with a list of where you can find the best hydrogen water bottles. I will cover the top ten hydrogen water bottle suppliers in China.

1. Hihealthio

  • Location – Shenzhen, China
  • Company Type – Wholesale manufacturer
  • Year Founded – 2009
  • The number of employees – 200+
  • Main Product – Hydrogen water bottles
  • Other Products – Portable blender, accessories, etc.

Hihealthio has been around for more than ten years. The company manufactures hydrogen water bottles with advanced technology.

It has six production and SMT lines. The bottles come with RSE and PE technology for maximum hydrogen retention.

What's more, you can buy hydrogen water bottles from Hihealthio at wholesale price. The delivery can be pretty quick; let's say, within seven days. I bet you also like receiving your goods on time. 

Hihealthio supports both ODM and OEM services. You can give the bottle design or go with the ready-made ODM products. Thus, in my opinion, Hihealthio deserves to top the list. Good customer support and industry knowledge can amaze you.

You can use different options to pay for the hydrogen bottle, including Western Union, PayPal, and T/T payments. What I love most is good customer support. The customer executives know how to assist customers well.

2. Olansi

  • Location – Guangzhou, China
  • Company type –Manufacturer, trading company
  • Year founded – 2009
  • The number of employees – 500-1000
  • Main product – Home appliances
  • Other products – Beauty products, water filter kettle, kitchen appliances, hydrogen water bottle, etc.

I will place Olansi in the second position for being the best manufacturer in China. This company produces many products, including hydrogen water bottles.

They are ISO9001 certified and have other certificates they've been awarded over the years. These certificates show how capable the company is in the field of manufacturing.

They launch different products every year. The company focuses more on home appliances.

Olansi offers a one-year warranty on most products. For shipping, they use DHL, FedEx among others. I like this mode of shipping because it is fast and safe.

Their MOQ is 500 pieces, which is a little high. An individual buyer may need to look for another option to get a few pieces of hydrogen bottle. But, of course, you can buy samples from Olansi to check out the product.

3. UR Health

  • Location – Shenzhen, China
  • Company type – Wholesale manufacturer
  • Year founded – 2008
  • The number of employees – 30
  • Main product – Household water purifiers
  • Other products – Industrial water equipment, commercial reverse osmosis system, hydrogen water machine.

UR health prides itself in making environmentally friendly products. Besides ISO 9001:2015, the company also has other certificates like CE, ROHS, and FLGB. The company also manufactures air purifiers and medical supplies. Nevertheless, their products undergo quality testing. I appreciate this.

UR health has experience in both ODM and OEM. You have the liberty to choose between either of the services.

This company accepts payment through PayPal, western union, and other known methods. Make sure you ask them to use a private courier to ship your products.

4. Jinsidai

  • Location – Shenzhen, China
  • Company type – Trading company
  • Year founded – 2017
  • The number of employees – 10
  • Main product – Household appliances
  • Other products – Disinfection spray, Hydrogen water bottles

Jinsidai (Shenzhen An Li Hong technology) is one of the leading trading companies in China. They mostly focus on health and beauty products.

You will see various products on their website, including hydrogen water bottles. Their best-selling items include massage guns, sleep instruments, and humidifiers.

I like how well they handle the concerns of their customers. They provide excellent customer support.

5. Wopintech

  • Location – Guangdong, China
  • Company type –Manufacturer
  • Year founded – 2016
  • The number of employees – 14
  • Main product – Hydrogen-rich products
  • Other products – Water flosser, household disinfectant, hydrogen water bottle

Wopintech has 3 ISO certifications and more than 70 patents. Thus, you are assured of buying high-quality products from them.

The company believes in offering low-cost home health solutions to its buyers. Thus, they produce various products, including hydrogen water generators, water flossers, disinfectant machines, etc.

I like the fact they have no MOQ. It means an individual buyer doesn't have to worry about the number of items to buy.

This company has three production lines. They also provide ODM and OEM services.

6. Gzschy

  • Location – Guangdong, China
  • Company type –Manufacturer
  • Year founded – 2012
  • he number of employees – 30
  • Main product – Hydrogen generator
  • Other products – Hydrogen-rich water maker, disposable blood oxygen probe, finger clip oximeter.

Gzschy means Guangzhou Sichuan Hongyi Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. This company ensures all its products are from quality raw materials. I like how they are keen on what they do. It assures you of getting quality products.

Gzschy focuses on manufacturing oxygen and hydrogen products. It includes an oxygen concentrator, hydrogen generator, blood oxygen probe, etc.

7. Gosoit

  • Location -  Shenzhen, China
  • Company type – Trading company
  • Year founded – 2017
  • The number of employees – 100
  • Main product – Home health appliances
  • Other products – Water & air purifier, flu mask, disinfectant, hydrogen water bottle, etc.

Gosoit produces water treatment and air treatment products. They use PEM and SPE technology. As a result, their hydrogen bottle can add up to 800-1200PPB hydrogen to the water.

They have various certifications that prove how good they are in the field. They offer good customer service. Items can be refunded or exchanged within 30 days of receiving the order.

Gosoit's payment methods include PayPal, Western Union, and card. Besides, they ship using private couriers like DHL and FedEx.

8. Qlife Hydrogen Solution

  • Location – They have distributors in various parts of the world.
  • Company type – Manufacturer, trading company
  • Year founded – 2017
  • The number of employees – 50
  • Main product – Hydrogen water machines
  • Other products – Hydrogen tablets, lifestyle products

Qlife is one of the leading trading companies with a strong network of global distributors. You can choose to buy items in China or from their distributors worldwide.

Even though it is a trading company, they conduct a quality inspection on most products. They can also offer ODM and OEM services upon request. Qlife has a simple website that is easy to maneuver. I love stress-free navigation.

9. Wei Lai

  • Location – Guangdong, China
  • Company type – Manufacturer, trading company
  • Year founded – 2018
  • The number of employees – 15
  •  Main product – Hydrogen generator machine
  • Other products – Hydrogen water bottles, water purifier

Wei Lai focuses more on producing health care electronics products. The company has a collection of products that help you turn normal water into hydrogen-rich water. I'm amazed by their growth.

Besides, they have OEM and ODM services. It caters to your needs if you have a specific product design in mind.

The company distributes its products in 50+ countries. Their packages usually arrive fast and look good. Besides, buyers don't have to worry about MOQ. That's because most of their products have no MOQ, meaning you can purchase a single quantity.

10. Yongkang Gomax Industry and Trade Co. ltd

  • Location – Yongkang, China
  • Company type – Manufacturer, trading company
  • Year founded – 2011
  • The number of employees – 10
  • Main product – Hydrogen water bottle
  • Other products – Disinfectant machine, cosmetic spray, hydrogen water kettle

Yongkang entered the hydrogen water products industry after four years of its establishment. In the meantime, they spent time acquiring various certifications that prove their credibility. The company has the best R & D team with innovative solutions.

Yongkang has ODM and OEM services. With the years Yongkang has stayed in the industry, I can see how far they've come.

You can expect better pricing since this company focuses mainly on producing hydrogen water bottles.

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