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Top 10 Hydrogen Water Bottle Manufacturer in UK

TOP 10 Hydrogen water bottle companies in the UK

After intensive research, I have come up with the best hydrogen water bottles companies in the UK. 

Hydrogen water bottles attract people who want to improve their well being by providing pure hydrogen infused water. So there are tough competitions to pick the best from the list. 

I have listed the top hydrogen bottles based on the best design, compact size, advanced technology, with easy to buy options.

So, If you are excited to know more, check out the top 10 hydrogen water bottle companies below.

1. Hihealthio

 Location: China

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2009

The number of employees: More than 200

Main product: Hydrogen water bottles

Other products: Portable blender, accessories

When it comes to picking the top hydrogen water bottle companies, the hihealthio brand stands out from the crowd by selling top-notch products. They have captured the international market by selling their products in 30 different countries.

With its immense growth and more successful projects, their products are a hot seller in the UK. Hihealthio products are manufactured in China, and the company focus on quick delivery globally. 

Hihealthio has 7 days shipping policy to the UK. Their hydrogen water bottle has a dual chamber with a non-toxic platinum-coated titanium electrode. So you can achieve the perfect Ph level (8.5) using their hydrogen water bottle. The hydrogen water bottle comes with an inhale adapter option.

Also, if you like to choose an eco-friendly hydrogen water bottle, I bet this is the one.

The company manufactures hydrogen water bottles with advanced SPE and PEM technology. And it helps you to drink the hydrogen-enriched water within 3 minutes. 


 Location: UK

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2000

The number of employees: More than 12

Main product: Ultra Seam

Other products: Ultrasteam replacement filters, Ultraseam under sink kit

Alkaway provides the best natural water ionizer and hydrogen dispenser. Also, the laboratory proven results add additional benefits to the company’s products. 

Ultraseam helps to remove the heavy metals, by adding required minerals such as hydrogen and calcium.

With the Alkaway products, you do not want to spend thousands of dollars anymore for hydrogen-infused filtered water. 


 Location: UK

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2017

The number of employees: 1-10

Main product: Water filters

Other products: Water softeners, hydrogen water bottle, accessories

Puriflow filters are concentrating their focus on health by providing safe, healthy water. 

By choosing the Puriflow products, you can reduce the environmental impact of bottled water. 

Puriflow is well known for its quick dispatch of the orders placed through the website. 

The hydrogen bottle is made from high-quality glass, and it can generate hydrogen-enriched within 7 minutes. 

Puriflow assures the fast delivery of its products, provides a 2-year warranty. It also has a 90 days money-back guarantee policy.


Location: Korea

Company type: wholesale, distribution

Year founded: 1994

The number of employees: 11-50 employees

Main product: Alkaline Jug Filter, the Biocera AHA bottle, under sink filter systems.

Other products: Hydrogen water mist, accessories.

The company website is handled by water for health. And they are the sole distributor of Biocera products in the UK and European Union. 

Biocera is one of the biggest competitors in water treatment solutions. They use the patented bioceramic technology to produce various water filtration products. 

Their products are internationally NSF certified. And the water filters remove the contaminants that get infused into the water.

By purchasing their water filter jug, you can turn the ordinary tap water into hydrogen-rich water within no time. 


 Location: UK

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2011

The number of employees: 1-10

Main product: Water filters, molecular hydrogen

Other products: Water softeners, Accessories

OSmio water filters can help remove the impurities in the water, pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful bacteria. 

Osmio filters the water in 3 simple ways by absorption, ion exchange and separation. 

Osmio ensures fast delivery of its products and has a 90 return policy. So you can opt for Osmio products for any of your water problems without a doubt. 


 Location: China

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2016

The number of employees: Mid-size company

Main product: Hydrogen water bottle, Hydrogen inhalation machine

Other products: Titanium fiber felt sheet

Though Liry’s products are manufactured in China, they have gained a good reputation in the UK for their quality products. 

With the help of the Liry technology hydrogen bottle, you can get hydrogen infused water within 10 minutes. The hydrogen water bottles come in five colors. So you can choose one according to your preference. 

The hydrogen bottle is made of a double layer aluminium cover and acts more durable. You can enjoy the 24 months hassle-free warranty of their products. 

Also, their hydrogen inhalation products help to manage the air temperature changes. And they continue to gain the trust of global customers by improving their life. 


 Location: UK

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2018 ( based on official FB, Twitter page)

The number of employees: Not available

Main product: Hydrogen water generators 

H-Drip is a manufacturing company that aims at staying healthy by drinking mineral-enriched water. You can choose their high-quality hydrogen generator water bottles to drink the best hydrogen water. 

H-Drip uses advanced electrolysis technology by producing a high-quality BPA free bottle. It has a large capacity battery and a detachable generator. 

H-Drip uses SPE/PEM technology, and they do not infuse chlorine during the electrolysis process. So you can choose their product that promises safe drinking water. 

8. WaterIonizers

 Location: UK

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2011

The number of employees: Not available

Main product: Alkaline Ionized water with molecular hydrogen

Other products: Filters & accessories

Waterionizer is one of the leading water ionizer manufacturers in the UK. Their products focus on antioxidant-rich molecular hydrogen water. 

You can install their water ionizers on the countertop or even under-sink. You can get those products in various sizes, designs and colors. 

You can place your orders through its website. And you can get free next day delivery within the UK for all orders above 100 euros. 

Also, they have a 14-day return policy to make your purchase hassle-free. 

9. EHM Group Limited

 Location: China

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2007

The number of employees: 50-80 people

Main product: Water ionizer, Alkaline Water Pitcher, Hydrogen Water Generator, Disinfectant water generator

EHM Ionizer company provides the best solution for water treatment problems.

The company has specialized in healthy water ionizer products for more than a decade. EHM water ionizer has gained a reputation globally, and they export to over 50 countries.

Also, the company uses advanced scientific technology and automated production lines. Their products are reliable and well recognized in the international market.

So you can choose their hydrogen bottles to reap the most benefits. They also deliver the products on time by gaining trust among their users. 

10. Waterlinks

 Location: Hongkong

Company type: manufacturing, wholesale

Year founded: 2015 ( Blue unicorn Limited)

The number of employees: Not available 

Main products: Water filter, Hydrogen bottles, Air purifiers

Other products: Cleaning products

Waterlinks is the biggest online store for water filters and Air purifiers in Hong Kong. Their products are custom-made to the various global markets. 

The hydrogen water generator converts any water into hydrogen-rich water in a quick time. So you can carry this tiny bottle wherever you go without trouble. 

You can make use of their premium water filters that are cost-effective to live a healthy life. And their Air purifier is designed to remove toxic air impurities to keep your family safer. 

Final words

Hydrogen water bottles are so popular now since they can help you reap the health benefits in a quick time by spending lesser money. 

By purchasing a hydrogen water bottle, you can slow down your ageing process and improve your energy levels. 

So, while choosing the hydrogen water bottle from the mentioned listings, I suggest you go for the companies that use advanced technology, great design and quick buy options.  

Now, it’s time to check out the above websites to purchase the best hydrogen water bottle. 

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