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Top 10 Hydrogen Water Bottle Manufacturer in Australia

As the popularity of hydrogen water increases, so do the number of hydrogen water bottle manufacturers.  There are several hydrogen water bottle manufacturers in the market today and it could be overwhelming to pick the best ones.

But, not to worry, I have done the research for you and I have come up with the top 10 hydrogen water bottle manufacturers in Australia. This list contains only the best and those worthy of attention and most of them export worldwide. So, if you are a wholesaler, read on till the end. 


Company Website:

  • Location: Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Company type: Design, Manufacture, and Wholesale.
  • Year founded: 2009
  • Number of employees: over 200.
  • Main product: 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 Hydrogen Water Generator, Portable Blender, and Accessories.

It’s no surprise that Hihealthio takes the spot as number one on the list. Though, their factory isn’t located in Australia but their 7 days shipping fast delivery won’t make you realize they are miles away from you. Hihealthio has served over several clients across over 30 countries including Australia, Germany, UsS, Canada, among others. Hihealthio has been in the industry for 12 years and they have extensive experience manufacturing any design of Hydrogen water bottle you desire. 

Their advanced PEM and SPE technology distinguish them from other manufacturers and put them at the forefront of the industry. 

They also have a strategy to help their exclusive distributors across different countries to be successful and earn good profits. As a distributor from any part of the world, you can rest assured you will enjoy a super fast delivery to your location. They also offer the option of OEM and ODM in case you want to engrave your logo on the bottles or if you want a different design. 

One thing I love about this company is that they support low MOQ of 100pcs for your first order if you want to be a wholesaler of their water bottle. 

2. AlkaWay

Company Website:

  • Location: AlkaWay, Byron Bay, NSW 2481, AUSTRALIA.
  • Company type: Design, Manufacture, and Wholesale.
  • Year founded: 2000
  • Number of employees: over 50.
  • Main product: Ionizers—including hydrogen water products.

Other products: Shower filters, Whole house water filter systems, Edge water energizer, The UltraStream.

AlkaWay is an Australian-based company that began operation in 2000 as a family business and with co-founders Ian Blair Hamilton. The goal is to solve the water problem for people. It all began in a garage space and later developed into what we have today as the company Head Office at Byron Bay, Australia. What I find unique about this company is the desire to keep the AlkaWay product uniquely authentic and, therefore, they verify before they subcontract their product. You can contact them via their website to get started with the company.


3. Hydrogen Health

Company Website:

  • Location: AUSTRALIA.
  • Company type: Retail and Wholesale.
  • Main product: Water bottles, Skin mister, Shower Filter, Benchtop System, and other accessories. 

Hydrogen Health is one of the top Hydrogen Water Bottle Manufacturers in Australia. One perk about this company is that they offer free delivery on all orders within Australia. Typically, you will get your orders delivered within a week if you are located within the country. In fact, you can get your orders delivered in 1 to 2 days if you choose to ship via the Australia Post Express, but it will come at a fee. 

Hydrogen Health also offers international shipping to any country around the world. This can take up to 2 weeks or less depending on your region. 


Company Website:

  • Location: AUSTRALIA.
  • Company type: Manufacture, Wholesale, and Retail.
  • Main product: Hydrogen Water Generator, Hydrogen Tablet, Sweetleaf Stevia, and Colloidal Minerals.

H2For You is an Australian company into the manufacturing and sale of Hydrogen Water bottles. The company is owned and operated by Max and Kylee who have the IIN certification in health coaching, certifications of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, and a qualification in changing habits nutrition course. 

Aside from the sales of products, H2For You offers educational guidance on the need and use of Molecular Hydrogen. In fact, that is the core of their mission. Max and Kylie have seen benefits of Molecular Hydrogen in their everyday lives and their mission is to educate people on the potential benefits of Molecular Hydrogen and bring people on the train of what they have been enjoying. 

5.Qlife Hydrogen Solutions

Company Website:

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Company type: Design, Manufacture, and Distribution.
  • Year founded: 2017
  • Number of employees: over 50.
  • Main product: Hydrogen water machines.
  • Other products: HOCI Sanitizer, Q-Mist, Q-Spa, Face Cleaning Brush, etc.

Though, it is not located in Australia, it is one of the top Hydrogen Water Bottle manufacturing companies that export its products to Australia. The vision of Qlife Hydrogen Solution is to help people live fulfilling and healthier lives. Therefore, in 2017, the company created the world's lightest and smallest hydrogen water ionizer. It soon became a quick way people worldwide got encouraged to live a healthier and quality life (Qlife). This turnaround also resonates with the company's belief that everyone can have access to products that improve their quality of life.

Life welcomes distributors from every corner of the world, with countries such as Canada, Turkey, Slovenia, South Africa, etc., currently having a distributor. Yet to have distributors in Australia; therefore, you can contact the company via the website today to become a distributor.


6.Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Company Website:

  • Location: GuangZhou, China.
  • Company type: Healthcare, Innovation, Manufacture.
  • Year founded: 2008
  • Number of employees: over 1500.
  • Main product: Hydrogen water generator, Hydrogen water machine, Hydrogen water maker, Hydrogen water bottle.

Other products: Air purifier and Water purifier.

Olansi is a professional Hydrogen water generator and other related machines. It exports its products worldwide including Australia. This is why it makes it to list as one of the top Hydrogen Bottle Water manufacturers in Australia. The company stands out by focusing on the market's needs and forming a close corporation with global partners. The company listens and puts users' voices into consideration which is why the product planning from Olansi is uniquely based on user satisfaction. Innovation and development of new purification technology are top-notch and continuous at Olansi. That's why it's OK to partner with the company, especially as a distributor.


7. Guangzhou AUKEWEL Electronic Co., Ltd

Company Website:
  • Location: Guangdong, Guangzhou, China.
  • Company type: Manufacturing and Trading
  • Year founded: 2000
  • Number of employees: over 200
  • Main product: Hydrogen Water Bottle, Hydrogen WAter Kettle,  Inhaler, Infrared Lamp, Vibration Machine, and TENS. 

This China-based Manufacturing company has been in operation for over 20 years. Though it is not located in China, it is one of the top hydrogen water manufacturing companies that ships to Australia. They export products to over 50 countries worldwide. When you speak of High Tech Medical supplies, Aukewel is the home for that. Also, when it comes to the production of Hydrogen bottles and related products, the company has mastered their craft. 

8.Best Water Inc.

Company Website:
  • Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Company type: Retailers and wholesalers of water ionizers
  • Year founded: 1989
  • Number of employees: over 50.
  • Main product: Water Ionizers
  • Other products: All Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen water bottle, Hydrogen Tablets, Replacement Filters

For over twenty years, Best Water has been in existence and as a world wholesaler and retailer of water ionizers. As a result, thousands of customers worldwide are looking to Best Water Inc. The company opens its door to distributors globally. You can be one of the major distributors in Australia—introducing more people to the idea of Best Water's high-quality products and competitive pricing.


9.Yongkang Gomax Industry & Trade Co., Ltd

Company Website:

  • Location: Yongkang City Jinhua, Zhejiang
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Retail, and Wholesales
  • Year founded: 2011
  • Number of employees: 51 to 100.
  • Main product: ECO-friendly water bottle
  • Other products: Hydrogen water filter bottle

Yongkang Gomax Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is dedicated to providing an Eco-Friendly and Healthy lifestyle for humans. The company provides the Hydrogen Water Generator, a Hydrogen-rich water bottle to share the healthy magic water for people worldwide, including Australia. With over 11 years of experience, Yongkang Gomax Industry provides quality products and understands customer requests for the OEM service. Strictly stick to the tenet of "emphasizing quality, " stressing credit, innovation, and pursuing development.


10.GosoIt Inc.

Company Website:

  • Location: Shenzhen, China, and California, U.S.A.
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Wholesale.
  • Year founded: 2016
  • Number of employees: over 50.
  • Main product: Hydrogen Water Maker
  • Other products: Coffee and Travel, Water Filter System, Fly Mask, etc.

Gosolt Inc. is an Hydrogen Water Manufacturing company that has locations in four major countries. Though they don’t have a location in Australia yet, they have a presence in Australia which is why I have included them on the list of the top Hydrogen Water Manufacturing Companies in Australia. 

Dedicated to helping people worldwide make a healthy life a habit, Gosoit designs, manufactures and distributes products that provide more and better water treatment—including air treatment. The high-quality and valuable products and services from Gosolt reduce pollution and promote a healthy life. If you're passionate about the same goals, check out partnership opportunities on the company's webpage.



That’s it! The top 10 hydrogen water bottle manufacturers in Australia. As a wholesaler, having the right suppliers can make all the differences in the success of your business. 

If you are very particular about getting the best, then you want to consider including the manufacturers listed in this article in your sourcing list. 

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