Is Hydrogen Water Actually Good For You?

Water is generally accepted as a healthy beverage for all. But is hydrogen water good for you? There is available research on hydrogen water and how healthy it is for you. I will share reviews from experts on hydrogen water and if it’s actually good for you.  

Yes, hydrogen water is actually good for you. Drinking hydrogen water improves the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in your body. Hydrogen water is pure/regular water with hydrogen gas infused into the water. According to a report, hydrogen water is safe for human consumption and is not known to cause any harm to the body.

Hydrogen water is enriched by putting a metallic magnesium stick into drinking water. This increases the hydrogen concentration in your water. Water, either ordinary or hydrogen water, is healthy for human consumption. Many beverage companies argue that boosting the hydrogen level of water is better. Healthy water is odourless and colourless and contains nontoxic gas. From research, adding hydrogen to plain water makes it more beneficial to the body.

Water is generally not harmful to the body. Plain water is free from sugar, harmful chemicals, and salt. Beverage companies have recently increased their sale of hydrogen water. They believe that increasing the hydrogen content of drinking water makes it healthier. Some other health experts argue that ordinary water is not less healthy. Discoveries on hydrogen water can not in any way downplay the richness of ordinary water.

Hydrogen water is usually displayed in pouches and cans by beverage companies. It can also be made at home with the help of machines designated to make hydrogen water. Hydrogen water has been widely accepted. Although, some health experts have shared their reservations and concerns about it. 

There is still ongoing research on hydrogen water. But so far, hydrogen water is not said to be unsafe for human consumption. There is so much inconclusive research on the holistic safety of hydrogen water. Due to this, some health experts are skeptical about the consumption.

Is Hydrogen Water Actually Good For You?

Hydrogen water has been discovered as good for human consumption. Research on the safety of hydrogen water reflects that hydrogen water is good. But you may want to ask yourself, ‘is it necessary for me to drink water infused with hydrogen?’ ‘If I consider drinking hydrogen water, how do I know the amount of hydrogen to add to my water?

There is no general standard on what quantity of hydrogen should be added to an amount of water. This implies that the concentration of hydrogen in water is likely to vary. What quantity of hydrogen needs to be consumed to achieve more results than plain water? This is an unclear area in the research of hydrogen water. 

There are a lot of research gaps on the safety of hydrogen water. More research on the general consumption of hydrogen water needs to be done. Although drinking hydrogen water would not harm you. Research is still yet to come up with more information on the consumption of hydrogen water.

Springwater is considered the healthiest kind of water for consumption. Research on spring water shows that spring water does not contain hydrogen. Springwater contains magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals

Is Hydrogen Water a gimmick? Does the body need hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most surplus element in the universe. So, wherever you are, you are surrounded by hydrogen. It is not unexpectedly present in your body. Hydrogen is vital to the body. It can process micro-and macronutrients and, during digestion, change them into vital elements.

Chemistry states that water has two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. So, drinking hydrogenated water enables you to stay hydrated. Hydrogen water can be described as ordinary water with hydrogen gas added to it. Adding hydrogen gas to water increases its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking hydrogen water increases energy, improves muscle loss after any exercise. It has also been discovered to help reduce the ageing process.

The need for hydrogen in the body is limitless and cannot be adequately stressed. The need for hydrogen in the body is;

  • It enables the body and its cells to remain hydrated
  • It eradicates poisonous and unwanted substances from the body
  • It guarantees that the joints in the body remain lubricated
  • It speeds up the movement of nutrients to body parts and secluded areas of the body
  • It boosts the immune system 

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Drinking lots of water is good for the body, while boosting the water with hydrogen is healthier. Medical experts believe that hydrogen water has many benefits to the body. Although, many aren’t sure if hydrogen water has more benefits than regular water. Several researchers believe that there is a need for more research. More research will inform us better on the advantages of hydrogen water. According to preliminary studies, the following are health benefits of hydrogen water;

Reduces adverse effects as a result of radiation therapy

A research of 49 individuals with liver cancer revealed the benefits of hydrogen water. Drinking hydrogen water for six weeks could improve the quality of life of such patients. This was discovered during treatment while undergoing radiation therapy.

Improve the performance of Athletes

Hydrogen water increases energy and reduces inflammation after exercise. A research of 10 athletes revealed that drinking hydrogen water reduced muscle fatigue. It increases muscle function due to exercising.

Prevention of Diseases

The antioxidants present in hydrogen water helps prevent oxidative stress, which is caused by external forces and normal body functions, industrial substances and exposure to the sun. Oxidative stress may result in diseases and cancer.

What are the side effects of drinking hydrogen water?

One of the questions often asked about drinking hydrogen water is if it has any side effects. Unfortunately, the side effects of hydrogen water are not clear. Some of the side effects of hydrogen water discovered by researchers include:

  • Increased hydrogen consumption results in discomfort, diarrhoea and bloating
  • In diabetic patients, hydrogen consumption results in low blood sugar
  • Heart failure for patients undergoing hydrogen therapy
  • Heartburn for patients with gastrointestinal-related challenges

How Much Hydrogen Water Should You Drink Daily?

Health experts encourage you to drink as much water as possible. There is no general stipulated quantity of water that you should consume daily. Does this also apply to the consumption of hydrogen water? Can you drink as much hydrogen water as you want? Drinking excessive water poses a threat to life. It results in hyponatremia, which occurs when the kidneys can’t get rid of excess water in the body. Also, the sodium content in the blood is diluted. This can be life-threatening.

The quantity of water consumption daily is not fixed. This includes plain and hydrogen water. But, you are encouraged to consume 2-3 liters of water daily.

What Happens if You Have Too Much Hydrogen in Your Body?

Generally, hydrogen is good for the human body. It contains antioxidant properties and is taken into the body majorly through foods. Intake of hydrogen gas is nontoxic, but hydrogen inhaled can be very harmful to the body. A high concentration of hydrogen in the human body through inhalation is dangerous. It can irritate the skin and eyes. Lead to headache, convulsions, nausea, asphyxiation, dizziness, ringing in ears, drowsiness, and depression. 

Hydrogen is necessary for the human body. However, no exact quantity of hydrogen is generally recommended for consumption. Looking at the ways hydrogen is taken into the body, it may not be easy to tell if there is too much hydrogen in the body or not. Inhalation of hydrogen is very harmful to the body. But, consuming hydrogen through food and water has no adverse effect on the body. 


Water is generally known by many to be the healthiest beverage for human consumption. Hydrogen water is not bad for you, but excessive intake of hydrogen water can be harmful to your health. Like ordinary water, hydrogen water does not have a stipulated required amount. Although, experts recommend that you should take at least 2-3 liters of water daily. For proper body function, you should drink hydrogen water. Hydrogen water also serves the body with several requirements for a healthy body. The contents of hydrogen and its benefits to the body make it a need for your body to function. 

Hydrogen water helps in increasing the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in water. People who engage in athletic activities drink hydrogen water for increased energy. Despite the benefits of hydrogen water to your body, it comes with some discomforts. It is essential that you drink in moderation. 

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