Hydrogen Water Bottle- Everything You Need to Know

Staying hydrated is the key to good health. Drinking plain water will keep you hydrated just fine, but some people like to drink hydrogen water. As it is clear from the name, hydrogen water contains relatively more hydrogen than plain water. Hydrogen gas is dissolved in the water, which makes it an excellent antioxidant. Drinking it can help you in achieving better skin and overall health. Staying hydrated is the key to good health. Drinking plain water will keep you hydrated just fine, but some people like to drink hydrogen water. Hydrogen water is made by infusing hydrogen with plain water. More hydrogen atoms mean more absorption by the body. As a result, the body tends to function better. 

It is the price compared to plain water, and you are supposed to drink at least three cans per day. Switching from plain water to Hydrogen water can be an expensive decision, and the downside is that the scientists are not even sure it provides all the stated benefits.  

Hydrogen water is FDA-approved; this means that it is safe for consumption. Up till now, all the research has been showing positive results so far. More extended studies need to be conducted to conclude different results.

What is hydrogen water?

Before moving on further, let's have a detailed look at what hydrogen water is, as we all know that plain water contains molecules of hydr#2d4ddbogen and oxygen. Hydrogen water is made by adding more hydrogen bubbles to the regular water; this is done by electrolysis. As a result, the hydrogen molecules are increased and are freely available for the body to use.  

Hydrogen gas is entirely non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless gas. So, the chances of it causing damage to your body are almost none. According to the recent researches done, it does not affect the PH or structure of water. It will help you in gaining more energy and slow down the aging process. In some cases, it has been observed that it helps in reducing inflammation and reducing the side effects of radiation therapy. 

Is ionized water the same as hydrogen water?

Ionized water has higher PH, whereas hydrogen water has more hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen water does not affect the PH or the structure of water. Ionized water is a form of hydrogen water. Both are beneficial for your body and tend to provide no harm.

Ionized water is better for providing good bone health. It helps keep gastrointestinal health in order, and the risk of cancer and heart diseases is lowered.

Similarly, hydrogen water has more hydrogen molecules that your body can use. It means reduced aging signs, more hydration, and better healing.

The problem is that in both cases, not enough research has been done. More cases studies are needed to prove the benefits that have been stated.

What is a hydrogen water ionizer?

A water ionizer produces ionized water. As I stated earlier, ionized water is a form of hydrogen water. The ionizer is used for splitting the hydrogen water into two streams. One is acidic, while the other one is alkaline. Thus, alkaline water is used for drinking and other procedures.

Benefits of Hydrogen water  

Hydrogen water is a great way to stay healthy. Some experts believe that hydrogen water can provide you with added nutrition. Even though the research in this area is quite limited, here are the most common benefits of hydrogen water.

  • Provides Antioxidant

Hydrogen water tends to reduce oxidative stress. Free radicals are one of the significant reasons for oxidative stress. Increased hydrogen molecules help in fighting off free radicals. As a result, oxidative stress is reduced. Experiments have been carried out on cancer patients. After weeks of drinking hydrogen water regularly, they reported less oxidative stress and more significant antioxidant activity.  

  • Anti-inflammatory  

We all know the fact that hydrogen gas tends to reduce inflammation. It has been proven by several studies to indicate that hydrogen helps in speeding up the healing process and reducing inflammation. As I stated earlier, Hydrogen water is antioxidant, which helps in reducing inflammation as well. To prove this theory, a study was conducted on rats. They were given hydrogen water regularly. After a while, they observed that hydrogen water reaches higher liver, kidneys, and brains levels.  

Hydrogen water can be helpful if you have cancer or even covid-19. It reduces inflammatory cytokines, which are linked to severe illness.  

  • Better Athletic performance  

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you must stay hydrated. As an athlete, 8 cups of water are necessary every day. Plain water works just fine, but if you want to enhance the athletic performance, it's about to switch to hydrogen water.  

Hydrogen water helps in increasing energy levels. You will be able to work out for a more extended time. Once I started drinking it regularly, a sudden rise in recovery time was observed after workouts. It reduces the accumulation of lactic in the bloodstream, which is the primary cause of muscle fatigue.  

  • Better quality of life

For leading a healthy life, your body mustn't lack any nutrition. Since so many of us are suffering from anxieties and depression these days, having something that can reduce these symptoms can be helpful. Hydrogen water improves autonomic nerve function and keeps anxiety and mood swings at bay.  

Even though minimal research has been done on hydrogen water, some evidence still proves that it has no side effects. Hydrogen water helps you in staying hydrated and keeps a good check on your wellbeing.  

How much hydrogen water should you drink a day?

It is recommended to take one to three liters of hydrogen water every day. You must drink only hydrogen water to see a remarkable difference. It will not only keep you hydrated, but it will regulate the oxidation level.  

Can you drink too much hydrogen water? 

Yes, hydrogen water is just like plain water with added hydrogen. It has no side effects. You are supposed to drink one to three liters of hydrogen water every day.

What is the pH of hydrogen water?

The PH of the hydrogen water bottle is 8-9. It is far more alkaline than tap water; this is why it is far better. It helps in enhancing sleep. You will notice brighter and clearer skin. Also, it gives a boost to the immune system, which is a necessity in covid-19 times.

Does high PH affect the taste and overall health?

You will not feel any difference in the taste. Hydrogen water is highly beneficial for health. Once you switch from plain water to Hydrogen water, you will see a noticeable difference in your overall health. I started drinking hydrogen water almost a year ago and never thought of going back to plain water again. I sleep soundly every night, with more energy every morning. It is recommended 100%.

Final Verdict  

About a year ago, I was hesitant to buy my first hydrogen water bottle. Did some research and finally bought my first bottle. It was the best thing I have ever invested in. It changed my life for the good. It helps me in staying hydrated. Every time I open it, I have clean and fresh water. No matter how much I work out, I never feel fatigued. It is highly recommended, invest in it today, and you will thank me later.  

Vivian Ma

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