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Want your own line of handmade coconut candles? Look no further! Coconutio is your one-
stop-shop for everything coconut and candle-related.

Hi, I'm Vivian Ma from Hihealthio. Let me guide you through this ultimate solutions page.

As a co-founder of Coconutio with 12 years of industry experience, I have helped Coconutio grow from its humble beginnings into a world-class shop for scents and candles. Click the button below to find what you're looking for.

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Coconutio is All You Need

We are a coconut-based company that takes pride in our superior customer service, sending you
the best coconut candle products to your doorstep.

Inspired by the efforts of our local farmers, Coconutio was founded in 2009 to turn coconut waste into an opportunity. Now, we've grown into a major candle company in China with over $100 million in annual sales. That's right, you can rely on us!

Still doubtful? Here are other reasons why we're your best bet:

The Best Coconut Candles for You

We sell only the best coconut candles on the market. Not looking for that? No problem! our shop also includes coconut bowls, accessories, and other kitchenware to meet your every need.


Who says coconuts are boring? Our team of experts can personalize your order to match your taste!

Engrave Your Logo. Put your brand in the spotlight with our logo engraving service.

Custom Design Engraving. Send us your designs so we can make your brand stand out.

Choose Scents. Select from our wide variety of scents to make your air smell amazing.

Pick Your Color. Tell us what color you'd like and we'll use it to make your candles pop.


Our coconuts are coated with fireproof paint and a straight wick to ensure maximum safety. Lighting up your room has never been safer with our burn-proof coconuts!

Eco-friendly & Non-toxic

We source our coconut shells and coconut wax organically before manufacturing them in a lit environment to ensure pollution-free candle production.


Unlike soy wax, beeswax, or paraffin, our candle manufacturing process uses pure coconut wax that will keep on burning long after other competitors.

Estimated Coconut Candle Fees

We use a safe and secure checkout process to ensure that all payments reach us. A discount can be negotiated for specific bulk orders as a sign of goodwill. Below is an outline of the fees you can expect to incur.

Design Fee

This is the amount we charge to make your candle designs a reality. We could craft designs, just communicate your comments and suggestions to us.

Shipping Fee

This is the fee we charge to ship your order to your doorstep in a fast and efficient manner.

Miscellaneous Fee

These are small amounts we charge to clear your order for processing. These are usually tax, service, or penalty-related fees.

Sample Product Fee

This is the amount we charge to send you a complete coconut candle designed to your specifications. Please note that you'll pay more to have more samples sent.

30% T/T Fee

We give you the option to pay for your order in full, or with a 30% downpayment. If you opt to pay the downpayment, the remaining 70% will be charged to you at a later date..

70% Final Fee

Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.

The Shipping Process

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to adjust our delivery process so you get your order in a fast and efficient manner. Here's a step-by-step look at how we send your order to you.

Design and manufacturing time

We collect coconuts to meet your order quantity before we refine them. Afterward, our team of 200+ people then manufacture your order using state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee quality.

Custom clearance and loading time

Once your order is packed, we load them onto vans and wait for them to be cleared by Customs.

Packing and boxing all products time

After production, our team will pack your order into cartons.

Sea and land transportation time

Once cleared, your coconut candles will then be shipped to you through international waters. You'll receive an alert on your mobile device when your order arrives.

The Coconut Candle Manufacturing Process

Here's a detailed breakdown of our manufacturing process that makes our candles stand out from beeswax, soy wax, and paraffin alternatives.

Harvesting of coconuts

We harvest coconuts for their flesh and husk. The flesh can be turned into coconut wax and artificial scents, and the husk is used to craft our coconut bowls. We harvest only the best coconuts after analyzing our selection results to not deliver subpar products.

Making the Candles

The coconut husks are broken into halves, shaped, sanded, and finally, polished. Afterward, we turn the coconut flesh into the wax. A wick is then attached to the wax and left to undergo a slow-burning process to test the longevity of the wax.

Making Them Unique

The bowl is then engraved to match your full-page designs and logo. We also customize the wax and scent at this stage to make them stand out.

The final process

Involves applying organic coconut oil to the coconut bowls used to make the candle order.

Is It Good As Melted Wax? Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our wax supplies:

Do you offer free delivery of wholesale coconut candles?

Unfortunately not. You will have to pay a small delivery fee for your order of coconut candles.

What do I do if my wholesale order is delayed?

If your order is over a week late, contact our customer support for further assistance. We'll be sure to address your concerns immediately. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please expect minimal delays in order processing and delivery.

Can you replace products that are damaged during delivery?

Although we ensure top-notch safety for all our orders, mishaps do happen. When they do, please contact customer support on our site. They'll advise you accordingly.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods I ordered?

It takes up to 3 weeks to deliver your order with no order customization but may take up to 8 weeks with customization. This is because we ensure that every customized coconut you order is uniform and detailed.

What’s the standard size of Coconutio wholesale coconut bowls?

Our bowls are 5.5 cm wide in diameter and 10 cm tall. However, we can source smaller or larger coconuts to create products in line with your taste.

Why Coconutio coconut candles and bowls?

Our coconut products are made with the best coconuts and the latest technology, and all at an affordable rate. Our recycled usage of coconut husks is also a sign of our dedication to the environment.

Are you on Facebook or other social media sites?

We are currently not on Facebook Inc or any other social media platform. if you wish to say hi, please contact us through our email!

Do you have more pictures of your coconut candle products?

Yes, we've got more pictures if that's what you'd like. We can provide a slideshow for you. Just use the space key and arrow keys to change images. Please contact us through email for more pictures.

How can I pay for my coconut candle order?

We support various payment methods. If you'd like to pay through Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay Diners Club, or other gateways, please contact us. We'll give you instructions on a mobile device choosing the payment icons of the gateway you'd like to use.

Is coconut wax that much better than beeswax and other types of candle waxes?

Yes. Coconut wax is great for candle-centered products because they burn slow and are 100% organic.

Contact Coconutio to Start Your Business

This is what we do when it comes to making wholesale coconut bowls: